We are a group of teenagers that play SmallWorlds just like you. We are not teamed up with SmallWorlds, Minimundos or any other Outsmart Product. In December 2011 our characters were banned from SmallWorlds permanently for accessing a secret area on their website, with no warning whatsoever. Previous to our ban we were showing unreleased items in-world to our friends. When we got permanently banned, we started SmallWorlds X. Since the early days, we have reached over 4,000 likes on Facebook, with thousands of hits on our website each day.

If you want to know how to get spoiler images for your own benefit, use your resources like YouTube, we will never tell our secrets. Never; Meaning if you message us for our secrets, we will not respond.

The Community that has liked our Facebook page is what motivates us to find spoilers for the game, even though we may not find every item that is going to be coming out or know every date or any other specific detail we will still try our best to get spoilers for the page. We also love competition, and when other facebook pages come along spoiling items, we sometimes like to race to see who can spoil first.

There have been other spoiler pages that have appeared, but as they lack knowledge of the secrets, many of these pages have fallen, but the team at SmallWorlds X brings you up to date spoilers, and will stay strong for as long as SmallWorlds has spoilers for us. There have been some newcomers from MiniMundos, but they mainly rely on us and photoshop the images out of our own. Although we enjoy competition, we request if you are to do so, that you would please credit us if you obtain the image from us or someone who uses us for info.

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