Splotus is a network of our small groups and organizations. We are composed of the original members from SmallWorlds X, and have expanded as Outsmart has. We offer a range of services, such as spoiler websites and forums for SmallWorlds and Minimundos, and a wiki on items and features of SmallWorlds. In comparison to SmallWorlds, Splotus acts as Outsmart, while SmallWorlds X would be the equivalent to SmallWorlds.

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Splotus started out as just SmallWorlds X (SWX). We started SWX with the goal of spoiling items and features of SmallWorlds. As Outsmart started to expand, so did we, but we never really had an official overhead over the many groups we created. This has since changed. Recently, we have chosen to expand out, and create a parent for our many networks. This thought is what sparked Splotus. Splotus is the parent to SWX, MMX, SWXD, SWW, and the other services we offer. Splotus was created and formed November of 2014.

We are the original SmallWorlds X team currently, which means we are still the original group of three – Liam, Justin, Appless, and Natsu. We have aged over the years just like you, but still managing to upkeep our services through the years. The Services we offer…

  • SmallWorlds X – What started it all
  • SmallWorlds Wiki – A wiki composed of thousands of pages on SmallWorlds
  • MiniMundos X – Our spoiling service for Minimundos
  • SmallWorlds XD – Our spoiling service for Smallworlds: Deutschland
  • SmallWorlds X Forums – Where we put all of our spoilers

If you have any questions, please check our Frequently Asked Questions page, it may answer some questions you have about us, if it does not, you can submit your questions there.

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